Slay Bells Ring 2

Date: 3rd December 2023

Days: 1 day

Rounds: 3

Points Level: 2345

Time on Clock: 60 minutes

Scoring System: King of Herts

More Details: Core Tournament Pack

KoWMasters event page

For further info please read The Core Tournament Pack


Tickets are £20 - now on sale, available either at the club or via PayPal (friends and family payment) to:

To avoid delay in the confirmation please note in payment ‘Shroud of the Reaper’ and your name as it should appear in the Rankings.

Age limit

Players must be aged 16 or over.


Max capacity for tournament is 30 Players


The timings will be:

Army Points level

Army lists of up to 2345 may be taken and must comply with the Kings of War Version 3 Red Edition Rulebook.

Your Army must be chosen from one of the official Force Lists:

The most recent FAQ and Errata will be in effect.

List to be in no later than 23:59  7 days before the Tournament.

Please use

or email to

Tournament Number for Mantic Companion is RD4FcjbKim 

No later than 23:59  7 days before the Tournament.


The optional withdrawal rules will not be used.

The Reaper - Krampus

Each person may take for free the following Living Legend character as part of their main army: The Reaper does not use one of your Hero, War Engine or Monster Slots.

Death is inevitable, and therefore, The Reaper is not represented as purely evil. Death is not choosing a time, place or years. The Reapers job is to escort the dead to the underworld. The Reaper pulls the souls out of the body, and guides them through the journey of the afterlife.

The angel of death appears to the dying to take out their souls. The sinners' souls are extracted in a most painful way while the righteous are treated easily.

The Reapers appearance depends on the person's deed and actions, with those that did good seeing a beautiful being, and those that did wrong seeing a horrific monster. The Reaper has taken many forms including: A bearded and winged man; a young boy, a spectral figure portending death, a tall, haggard figure with a wide hat and long white hair, a skeleton with a revolving head who sees everyone, everywhere, a defleshed body and with jaw agape to swallow the stars during the day, an old woman or plague hag. The Reaper has been seen by different races in either a Black or a White robe.

The High Paladins of Basilea, order the destruction of a being they view as bringing chaos to Mantica. The beings "crimes", granting children of all races wishes on KoWelmass eve and bringing them presents, a god-like creature who is known as Krampus.

OK, he does boil and whip naughty children, but who wants to hear spoilt bratts over KoWelmass.

Together the sisterhood and priests spread rumour and discourse and used the Wizards to bewitch the children of all races to no longer believe in Krampus.

Knowing that the Krampus is also responsible for the moon giving way to the sun each day which people have forgotten, The Reaper attempts to maintain belief in Krampus by dressing up and fulfilling his role.

Ho Ho Ho.

The Scenarios

See Tournament Scenarios for further info on the different balancing adjustments.

Protect Santa/Krampus

The objective is to get your Krampus over the half way line and keep it alive, while hunting down the opponents Krampus.

Victory Points are awarded at the end of the game as follows:

Presents from Santa

Before deploying armies. Place 1 Tokens/Presents in the exact centre of the board.

3 Tokens/Presents are then placed on opponents side of the centre line, but outside the deployment zones.

Giving a total of 7 Tokens/Presents

Players rolling off to see who places theirs first.


Treat presents like loot tokens you cannot drop, but that they also do not carry any movement penalties or restrictions i.e. can be wind blasted, surged and enthralled.

To open the present and claim the VP, the unit must be given either a HALT order or Counter Charge order.

If a unit gives a HALT order while over a Tokens/Presents, they have picked it up and opened it.

If the unit is given the Counter Charge Order they may also open the Tokens/Present, but will be attacking with a -1 penalty.

Presents will contain a random present and are worth 1VP when collected (progressive scoring).

The unit is NOT considered holding a token, therefore movement and ability to target is unaffected.

If unit with a present is destroyed, the VP is destroyed along with the unit.

You can leave a present unopened where it is, so another unit can open it.

You cannot move with an unopened present.

You cannot pass on or leave an opened present, once it has been opened it is that units.

On a turn that you start with a unit on top of a present you have 3 choices of action:

Types of presents

 When you open a present, roll D6 and consult the table below

Victory conditions:

Total the Victory points earned per present

The winner is the side with the most VP.

If a Draw then congrats you are equally naughty and nice.

Wrack and Ruin

Place an Objective Marker in the exact centre of the centre line.

Place 2 more Markers 18" from the edges of the centre line, the scoring zones for these are within 12" of these markers.

See Balanced Scenarios for further info on the different balancing adjustments.

Player Round times


Awards will be provided for:

Positional Awards will be provided for:

Other Awards will be provided for:


Cool but how do we get there?


Freemantle Hall, 51-75 Bexley High St, Bexleyheath, Bexley, DA5 1AA 


There is parking for around 7 cars on site, the entrance is to the immediate left of the hall (not the right, as that belongs the pub next door).

There is additional pay and display parking available

Off Thanet Road (walk through gate at end of park, through Pub car park, past the hall on your right (entrance turn right at the road and then into the door up the stairs)

Off Bexley High Street (walk north east through car park, down alley/walkway and hall is almost opposite)

Off Station Approach by Bexley train station

Public Transport

Bexley train station is less than 50 metres from the venue. Follow the station approach road away from the station and turn right when it meets the High Street. Freemantle hall will be 30 metres on the left.

Bus routes: The following routes run nearby to the venue: 99,132, 229, 269, 492, B12.

The 99 and 492 Buses stop at Bexley Library about 1 min walk away.

Where to stay

Bexley Village Hotel 57-59 Bexley High St, Bexley DA5 1AB

Next to Venue

The Kings Head 65 Bexley High St, Bexley DA5 1AA

Next door to Venue

Free Parking

Holiday Inn London - Bexley Black Prince Interchange, Southwold Rd, London, Bexley DA5 1ND

Short Walk from Venue

Free Parking

There are some AirBnB places in Bexley but the council has only recently lifted the ban on such renting. There are also more hotels slightly further out.