Slay Bells Ring - 2018

Date: 8th December 2018

Days: 1 day

Rounds: 4

Scoring System: BlackJack

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Tournament: Slay Bells Ring - 2018 - Krampus

The High Paladins of Basilea, order the decimation of a being they view as bringing chaos to Mantica. The beings "crimes", granting children of all races wishes on KoWelmass eve and bringing them presents, a god-like creature who is known as Krampus.

OK, he does boil and whip naughty children, but who wants to hear spoilt bratts over KoWelmass.

Together the sisterhood and priests spread rumour and discourse and used the Wizards to bewitch the children of all races to no longer believe in Krampus.

Knowing that the Krampus is also responsible for the moon giving way to the sun each day which people have forgotten, The Reaper attempts to maintain belief in Krampus by dressing up and fulfilling his role.

Ho Ho Ho.