General Tournament Pack

Food & Drink

In an attempt to keep the cost of admission to the event as low as possible, food will not be provided. However, there are places to purchase food within walking distance of the venue.

You are welcome to bring alcoholic drinks with you to the event, however please note that the Club prides itself on being a family friendly venue and so excessive, unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification.

Furthermore, attendees are encouraged to make use of the bins provided for empty drinks containers.

Force List

Your Army must be chosen from one of the official Force Lists:

The most recent FAQ and Errata will be in effect.

List to be in no later than 23:59  7 days before the Tournament.


We would prefer pure blood races, but if you feel your army is inadequate and is in need of support from another race, then allies can be taken but following the restrictions apply.

Force Lists

You are required to submit a copy of your Force List to the organisers at the start of the tournament.

You should also have at least one copy for yourself and another spare for your opponents to reference on request. Using a program or list-builder application to create and print out your sheet is often the best option.

You will require spare copies of your Force List, which you should keep with you when you are playing. Your army list must include:

Please do not use acronyms on any copy of your Force List. If any mistakes are found during the tournament that were not picked up on, the results of all the games in which the player has used the illegal list will immediately be changed to max Tournament points (TP), in favour of their opponents. This will apply even if the mistake was a totally honest one, so please do double check your Force List before the tournament.

If you are unsure of your army list, please feel free to submit it to the tournament organisers prior to the event for checking.

List builder

Please use

Either in Options and enter the Tournment code, or send PDf to

Tournament Number for Mantic Companion is listed on the specific tournament page.

Painting requirements and minimum model count

This is a friendly Tournament so only requirement on units are that different unit types are distinguishable from each other.

Proxies are allowed, but must be obvious what they are intended to be and not similar to other units.

Base sizes


Large Infantry


Large Cavalry

Heavy Infantry

Monstrous Infantry



Items you should provide

In addition to your armies and copies of your army list, you need to make sure you bring the following:

Chess Clocks

Players are responsible to bring their own chess clocks.

You can use a physical one or download one for example as below:

Chess clocks will be used throughout the event ensure that it runs to time and that round time is split fairly between the two players. Each player has the minuets set by each specific tournament to complete their half of the game and there is an addition 10 minuets built into the round time for meeting and greeting, toilet breaks, rules queries etc.

Chess Clocks must be running during deployment, any scout moves and throughout the players turns. They can be pause for any action  involving a roll off, rules disputes and toilet breaks.

Clocks cannot be paused for normal in-game checks, such as LOS, unless a genuine disagreement between the two players. A "genuine disagreement" is one that requires pulling out the rulebook or for the TO to rule on the situation.

If time runs out dice are down and no further rolls and movement can be made, the opponent can continue (including movement, Range and melee) till turn 6 (7 if rolled for) or time runs out.

At round end is is dice down immediately for both players and the game ends. If the players can see that the round time is going to end before they finish the game they should endeavour to finish the game so each player has had equal number of turns, eg both players should have 5 turns instead of one player having 5 and the other having 6.

Dice Etiquette

Cocked Dice

All the dice have to come to rest flat on the playing surface/dice tray. If in doubt - can you place another die on top of it without it falling off? If yes then it is NOT cocked. Dice that fall off the table are re-rolled.

Symbols on Dice

Preference is for all sides of the dice to be clearly marked with dots for the numbers.

If you feel you must use dice with symbols on them, then symbols MUST only appear for all dice with symbols for the same value.

No mixing symbol 6 dice with symbol 1 dice.


Terrain will be pre-set on each table; please do not move the terrain. If you do move it during the game, please move it back at the end.

Use table as a guide for terrain heights, but as always agree with opponent before picking sides.

Blocking Terrain

All Buildings / Statue / Obelisk / Rock formation

Difficult Terrain

Woods/Stalactite fields

Burnt Woods/ Scrubland/ Crop fields



Open Terrain




Round Pairings

Playing the same opponent a second time:

We will actively avoid a repeat player matching on all but the last game; this will always be based on player rankings at the end of round 3, using the above system (i.e. Swiss matching for round 2 and 3, Danish system for round 4).

First round avoidances:

By default the match-ups of the first round (round 1) will be random. 

We recognise that many players will play some opponents regularly, as they are friends or play at the same club. If you would like to avoid a first round draw against someone, please do so during list submission, giving the names of the opponents and the reason for the avoidance. Note, simply not wanting to as you think you will lose is not an acceptable reason.

Game Sequence

The scenario for each game will be chosen from the 12 scenarios, and announced by the organiser at the start of each game.

Battle Results


If a player concedes a game that is an automatic win for the opponent and all the players units are automatically routed from the game, as if killed by the opponent.

The Opponent will then play the Ringer and his score calculated from that.

If Ringer not available, or game has already started, Scenario points will be calculated for the winner only, using the remaining turns for positioning.

Reporting Battle Results

As noted previously, players will be given enough time to play a full game of Kings of War and enough time to hand in results.

Submitting Results

By the end deadline of each round, as detailed on the Round Pairings page, every player is to submit the results of their game to the TOs, using the form on the Results Submission page of this site.

Having both players results from a game enables the TOs to verify the information provide and raise any queries before the next round pairings are determined.

Paper version

We will need from you is the following to be completed on the provided sheet.



In order to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly, TP penalties (2 points) may be given to players that report battle results after the scheduled time is over, at the tournament organiser’s discretion. This penalty will always affect both players.

Player Conduct


There are no sportsmanship scores at this tournament. We expect all games to be played in an enjoyable manner.

We feel that all players should be fair and respectful to their opponents, displaying a fun and inclusive attitude to the game for themselves and their opponents.

Rules Questions & Player Conduct

As noted, all rules will be taken from the Kings of War Version 3 rulebook. In addition, any official FAQ rulings and errata from Mantic Games (published on the website or official forums) will also be used.

Please note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking your opponent if they can show you the appropriate rule or set of characteristics so that you can check for yourself that everything is being done correctly. All we require is that you ask nicely and politely, and that you do your best to sort out any problems yourself. If in doubt, the organisers are available to resolve your problem. Please also respect the time each player has. If a question cannot be resolved quickly, please stop the clock until the answer or a solution is decided upon.

Judges will be on hand if you require a ruling. Your judges for the event will be pointed out at the start of the day. A judge’s ruling is final.

The organisers reserve the right to take appropriate action for anybody they deem to be playing unfairly or acting inappropriately. This may be in the form of a warning, a time or TP penalty or even a forced Time Out result. In extreme circumstances a player may be ejected from the event for inappropriate behaviour (such as cheating, excessive swearing, shouting or verbal abuse).

Crowding at the Table

If one player feels discomfort with the amount of spectators present at their table, they may request them to step aside. When this happens, a referee will ask everyone around to step away from the table.

Refund Policy

This policy sets out the processes that will be followed in the event that a refund of a ticket is required.

Refunds requested by purchaser – If a purchasing person finds that they are no longer able to attend the event for which the ticket purchased relates, the options available will depend on the following notice periods:

Refunds due to cancellation of event – Should it become necessary for the event organisers to cancel an event, a full refund of the face value of the ticket will be offered to all purchasing persons.

Alternative option to a monetary refund – Regardless of which of the above applies, the event organisers may offer the alternative option to a monetary refund of a free ticket to a future event, i.e. using the funds provided towards a different ticket to that which was originally purchased.  If this option is made available to the purchaser, the alternative ticket will have an equal or lesser value than the original ticket price.