Shire Scoring System


The Shire Scoring System uses a format that rewards sceanario play over just killing stuff (although those two things are not mutually exclusive)

Tournament Points

The Tournament point score will comprise of two parts:


Win = 3 Tournament Points

Draw = 1 Tournament Point

Loss = 0 Tournament Points

Scenario Points Leveling

+1TP per Victory Point scored (up to a max of 7 available)

We choose and adapt scenarios to limit the available to equivalent amounts for each mission, in general a total of 7 Victory Points are available on the table. with the highest losing Victory Points of 3 and highest possible win of 7 Victory Points to 0 Victory Points.

If you see a mission where we have modified Victory Points, this is why.

See Balanced Scenarios for further info


Shire Scoring System uses the Balanced scenarios that Shroud of the Reaper and King of Herts worked on to balance each of the scenarios so that the following deciders are fair and can be used to separate ties.